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About Us

The Neighborhood Reporter was founded by Naasir Qaz back in 2018 with news that covered various stories from around the globe. But in the wake of the tragic killing of George Floyd, Qaz realized that there were many stories going untold in the very community he lived in - Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since May of 2020, Qaz alongside his cameraman/photographer Tracy Gunapalan have been focused on covering the various movements and events happening in the Twin Cities.

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The two-person team has provided comprehensive coverage of the George Floyd uprising and Derek Chauvin trial in 2020 as well as the Daunte Wright and Winston Smith protests in 2021. Primarily focused on video content, they are committed to bringing their community news that prioritizes objectivity, depth and human rights. Aside from breaking news and protest coverage, Qaz and Gunapalan have also done feature stories on social justice organizations and small businesses in the Twin Cities. 

The Team


Naasir is a trained journalist and historian whose deep passion and curiosity about the world led him to create The Neighborhood Reporter back in 2018. 

Naasir Qaz

Founder, Chief Editor


Tracy Gunapalan

Production/Multimedia Manager

Tracy’s background in Communication Studies has made her passionate about creating meaningful content that makes the news more accessible.

The Neighborhood Reporter is based out of the Twin Cities and will continue to bring current, technologically integrative news to the public. The Neighborhood Reporter is not funded by any other entity and operates exclusively on donations. 

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